Spy Cameras

We’ve got top reviews of spy equipment and cameras from Private Investigating firms like ACES Private Investigations in Dallas. We spoke to top security professional Mr. Henry Zales one of the Co-founders at ACES about mini cams, surveillance, and top security technology gadgets.

spy-cam-acesMost of the time you need to be using a pin hole style camera to capture anything with a subject 1-3 ft in front of you. Ensuring the camera can capture audio if needed and being able to quickly adjust to left or right are important aspects of getting the right surveillance. Believe it or not, this takes practice and we recommend you test run scenarios before you attempt capturing anything. Henry Zale’s crew using pin hole cameras and he likes his investigators to be wired with two cameras. Why two cameras?

1. If one camera fails, the other acts as a failover.

2. If one angle doesn’t get the shot or footage, the other one increases the chances of getting the shot.

3.  The chances of two things blocking both angles are slim to none.

Spy cameras can come in many different shapes and sizes. Here are the most commonly used spy cameras.

  • The Pen Cam
  • Coffee Mug Cam.
  • The Glasses Cam
  • Button Cam

Of course several factors depend on which types of cameras you would want to use in your surveillance investigations. ACES and other private investigation firms use a wide variety of expensive professional equipment that is sure to capture what you are looking for. If your first try and recording fails, you may never get another shot.. so ensure you select, test, and use the right equipment for the job.

3D Printing Supplies

3dfilamentspools3D Material such as PLA and ABS are used in 3D printing everyday by research labs and hobbyists all over the world. Solidoodle, Reprap, uPrinters, Makerbot, and Cube are the more common printers found in the market today.


PLA is also known as polyactic acid and ABS is known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. These two types of materials are thermoplastics and used in manufacturing. PLA is very strong and reliable in the longevity of your prints. Although PLA is biodegrable, PLA has the ability to withstand water, weather, and still maintain its printed form throughout its lifecycle.


ABS is very strong and could possibly outlast PLA in many cases throughout the years. With so many different plastics used in rotomoulding or plastic injecting, once a plastic is used, much like welding a broken piece of steel, the plastic is never the same. If you are melting plastic, which is what happens in the manufacturing process to make filament, if you melt it over and over and over again it will weaken. Most virgin polymer plastics can be melted once and will hold up well in any 3D printer.


3D filament comes in sizes 1.75mm or 3mm. It typically comes packaged in a 1 KG spool and can be packaged 12 to a case. Most all filament comes vacuum sealed and 3D printer owners will buy on average 2-3 spools at a time. There are many different colors to choose from, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Transparent, White, and even Glow in the Dark. Finding a supplier for filament is sometimes frustrating. Some turn to ebay or amazon, we recommend finding a supplier that specializes in filament or 3D printers. One supplier we can recommend is www.cheap3dfilaments.com or you wanted to purchase in bulk you can check out www.wholesalefilaments.com


When you store your filament, you want to store it in a dry place and a nice temperature under 100 degrees. If any water or humidity gets in or on your filament, you will notice small air bubbles in your prints. This is a good indicator that you have not properly stored your filament.

Pricing on 3D filament can vary, it is true you get what you pay for. Some of the more promising 3D filament dealers are priced between 27-35.00. Costs from the manufactures can be anywhere between 12-18.00 so anything under 27.00 to us would be very cheaply made because of the lack of markup for a retail store or online dealer.